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An API to improve Image-Guided Medicine and Radiology with AR

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We Power Key Features of Navigation Systems

Image Registration

Create overlays of medical scans onto the real world with sub-millimeter accuracy.

Image Fusion

Fuse together 3D medical images taken at different times or through different modalities.

3D Reconstruction

Combine images taken of patients at various angles into one very precise model.

Advanced AR Backends Made Easy

We provide the backend that enables you to build highly precise and responsive AR applications.


Using our API to align an MRI scan of a head to a model of that head resting on a table.

zeta::io::loadMeshRandomSample("head_post.obj", headPostCloud, headPostNormals, 10000, 0.03);
zeta::io::loadCameraFrame(camera1, scene1);
PointCloudPtr sceneSample = zeta::sampling::contourDownsample(scene1, 0.1, 0.005, 4);
NormalCloudPtr sceneNormals = zeta::analysis::calculateNormals(sceneSample, scene1, 0.05);
FPFHCloudPtr headFeatures = zeta::analysis::calculateFeatures(headPostCloud, headPostNormals, 0.1);
FPFHCloudPtr sceneFeatures = zeta::analysis::calculateFeatures(sceneSample, scene1, sceneNormals, 0.1);
zeta::analysis::roughAlign(sceneSample, headPostCloud, getCorrespondences(headFeatures, sceneFeatures), 5000, 0.005, headPostAligned);
zeta::visualizer::vizCloudsFalseColor({ scene1, headPostAligned });

Using our API to align two heart scans: one taken before surgery, and one taken three months afterwards.

zeta::io::loadMeshRandomSample("heart_pre.obj", heartPreCloud, heartPreNormals, 10000, 0.03);
zeta::io::loadMeshRandomSample("heart_3mo.obj", heartPostCloud, heartPostNormals, 10000, 0.03);
FPFHCloudPtr preFeatures = zeta::analysis::calculateFeatures(heartPreCloud, heartPreNormals, 0.1);
FPFHCloudPtr postFeatures = zeta::analysis::calculateFeatures(heartPostCloud, heartPostNormals, 0.1);
zeta::analysis::roughAlign(heartPreCloud, heartPostCloud, getCorrespondences(preFeatures, postFeatures), 5000, 0.005, heartPostAligned);
zeta::visualizer::vizCloudsFalseColor({ heartPreCloud, heartPostAligned });

Using our API to combine three different views of a scene into a single coordinated view.

zeta::io::loadCameraFrame(camera1, scene1);
zeta::io::loadCameraFrame(camera2, scene2);
zeta::io::loadCameraFrame(camera3, scene3);
PointCloudPtr scene2aligned = alignFrames(scene1, scene2);
PointCloudPtr scene3aligned = alignFrames(scene1, scene3);
zeta::visualizer::vizCloudsFalseColor({ scene1, scene2aligned, scene3aligned });

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